Guided Walks

The first two September walks are part of the High Weald Walking Festival but the previous pre-booking condition has now been removed, so these walks are now “turn up and go” if you are interested. The remainder from October onwards are the normal Wealden Walks format. There are many other guided walks by other leaders in the High Weald Walking Festival between 10 and 18 September available via the Festival’s website.

Autumn Walking Collection 2022

“The Price of Principle”

Tuesday 13 September 2022 at 2.00pm

4 Miles – 2½ Hours

Meet on Village Green in centre of Rushlake Green village, near Heathfield TN21 9QE. TQ 627 184.

A walk following (literally) in the footsteps of Richard Woodman, ironmaster of Warbleton. Richard was a man who would have lived a full life had he but stuck to iron-making but who would be betrayed (“we must have my brother round sometime”) and pay the ultimate penalty for speaking out against the religious upheavals of the Tudor period by being burnt at the stake. Hear his tale in his own words.


“Journey to the Centre of the……County” memory

Thursday 15 September 2022 at 2.00pm

4 Miles – 2½ Hours

Meet in car park immediately west of St Marys Church, A272, North Chailey BN8 4ET. TQ 389 211.

A walk around the Chailey Commons (yes they are plural) looking at their contrasting history as a resource for the poor, a military training ground (“we must have Lord Sheffield round sometime”) and a modern landscape conservation area. We include a visit to the yew tree which claims to be at the exact centre of Sussex and try to dodge the moving windmill.


“Arlington – The Eternal City”

Thursday 20 October 2022 at 2.00pm

4 Miles – 2½ Hours

Meet at Arlington Reservoir car park, Station Road, Berwick BN26 6UX. TQ 528 074.

Had I led this walk in 2000 there would have been little to talk about (possibly a good thing). However, the increasing rate of development, particularly of solar farms, in this area, has led to much archaeological survey work and revealed a number of Roman roads, a small town and a possible industrial satellite settlement or “vicus”. Our walk takes a look at these sites and tries to keep up with the pace of discovery (“we must have Brutus round sometime”).


“A Tale of Two Villages”

Thursday 17 November 2022 at 2.00pm

4 Miles – 2½ Hours

Meet at Wilmington Priory car park, The Street, Wilmington, BN26 5SW.

TQ 544 042.

From similar Saxon origins (“we must have the Folca’s round sometime”), these two villages grew in disparate directions (literally). Wilmington acquired a priory full of aliens, and a planned extension around a village green and mildly prospered. Folkington enjoyed a more peaceful existence until it was literally cut in half by the whim of a Victorian landowner. What the Dickens was going on?


“Celebrating with the Turners”

Thursday 15 December 2022 at 1.00pm (note earlier start)

4 Miles – 2½ Hours

Meet at Church Marks Lane, East Hoathly BN8 6EQ. TQ 520 162. 

A walk around the village and surrounds of East Hoathly viewed through the eyes of the local shopkeeper, churchwarden, glove-maker, undertaker, schoolmaster, surveyor and overseer of the poor. And diarist. Between 1754 and 1765, Thomas Turner kept a record of goings on in the village and national events as seen through the eyes of local people. So join Mr Turner in his own words as he celebrates at Halland House (“we must have the Pelhams round sometime”) with “a great many loyal toasts” only to find the “liquor rendered my leggs useless”.

Wealden Walk Blog

Check out the Wealden Walks blog to find anecdotes of individual previous walks, along with pictures and a quick synopsis. The blog will also provide updates for the next planned walk with any important details.


Walks led by Graham Kean, Wealden District Council, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, BN27 2AX.

Telephone 01323 443126 in advance, 07985 812045 on the day.


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All walks may be cancelled if further Covid Restrictions are reimposed by Central Government in the future. Please e-mail me nearer the event if you wish for confirmation that a particular event will be able to take place. Under the present guidance masks can be worn if desired, but will not be obligatory.