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Owned by: Uckfield Town Council.

This Local Nature Reserve runs alongside the River Uck floodplain and is an important wetland habitat in the heart of Uckfield and is subject to periodic flooding during the Winter months. Habitats include regularly inundated tussocky damp grassland, ditches, scrub, established trees including willow, alder, and black poplars and mixed grassland.

The site supports a number of greater tussock sedges, considered uncommon in the South East. Other typical species include hemlock water- dropwort, rushes, sedges, foxtails, crosswort, meadowsweet and tansy. Fauna of interest includes grass snakes and slow worms. Bird species are variable and include snipe, sparrowhawk, song thrush and goldfinch. Insect life is rich and includes a wide range of butterflies, hoverflies, dragonflies, mayflies and beetles.


All Weather Walking Routes - Sensible footwear required in wet/winter months.

Cafe - Café nearby in High Street.

Car Parking - Nearest car park by Waitrose or Osborn Hall.

Information Boards

Suitable for Dogs

Toilets - Nearest toilets are in Waitrose when supermarket is open.


Contact Information
Hempstead Lane, Uckfield, TN22 1XH